House Made Podcast

Episode #11 - Tequila Blind Taste Test

April 30, 2021 House Made Season 1 Episode 11
House Made Podcast
Episode #11 - Tequila Blind Taste Test
House Made Podcast
Episode #11 - Tequila Blind Taste Test
Apr 30, 2021 Season 1 Episode 11
House Made

In this episode we do a blind taste test between 4 popular blanco tequilas. 

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In this episode we do a blind taste test between 4 popular blanco tequilas. 

John Vieira (00:01):
This is the house made podcast. We're your hosts John Vieira and Nick Boban. We're going to cover your questions about home bartending. So let's get into it.

John Vieira (00:20):
What's up world? We are back with another house made podcast and as promised, we're looking at some tequilas today. On the last episode, we were gearing you guys up for Cinco de Mayo. That's happening next week, I believe. And we were talking about different types of tequila, kind of like a tequila 10. All the info that you would need, but today we are going to actually do a blind taste test. I really liked when we did this with the vodka last time. It was super, super interesting and really fun to see the results. So for the sake of this experiment, we have decided to go exclusively Blanco for a level playing field.

Nick Boban (01:01):
And so what we were talking about for a Blanco tequila, is they are essentially un-aged tequilas. We did find out that they could be rested in oak for up to, or less than two months. Once it hits the two month mark, you become a Reposado. From my knowledge, these brands that we have in our lineup are not aged whatsoever.

John Vieira (01:23):
I don't think so.

Nick Boban (01:24):
They're all bottled straight off to the source. We wanted to do Blanco because a lot of these reposados and anejos are all aged in ex-bourbon barrels. So they take on a lot of whiskey characteristics to most of them and it... We thought that it would be really hard to compare, I guess, because depending on which barrels you're using and for how long you're aging them, since it ranges from anywhere from 2 to 12 months or one year to three years, if you're an anejo. We wanted to do as similar of a comparison as possible. So we're using everybody's base.

John Vieira (02:04):
Right. And the thing too, with Blanco is it's really the only category where we were going to get, identical visual from the product that is not a giveaway, because when you start doing certain reposados or things like that, some are different color. And if you're familiar with the bottle, you'll just know based on looking at the color. Yeah, yeah. So this was the best way for us to do it. And now here's the thing - All of the things that we're tasting today are good. We're not trying to see what's good or what's bad. We're trying to see how different they are because they're at different price points.

Nick Boban (02:37):
And which one's nicer to our palate.

John Vieira (02:39):
Well, for sure. There's lots that you can learn by doing this, but what I mean is none of these are disgusting. You're not going to spit them out and be like, "Ugh, what was that garbage?" But for you guys that are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo, barbecues, things like that, if you can get a good bottle to take shots of, uh, make some margaritas with whatever you want to do. Maybe some tequila mules would be awesome. You can spend less money, essentially, if one of these in a lower price point stands up to one of these others. So what are the four that we have today?

Nick Boban (03:11):
So we are doing patron. We're doing 1800. We're doing Altos, and we're doing El Jimador.

John Vieira (03:21):
Nope. Don Julio.

Nick Boban (03:23):
Oh really?

John Vieira (03:24):
Yeah. Right?

Nick Boban (03:28):
I thought we got jimador.

John Vieira (03:29):
No, we didn't get jimador. We got Altos instead, remember? So we got Altos and 1800 that are very similar price points for like your mid shelf. They're not like low or anything. And then we have Don Julio and Patron as the higher shelf options. Right. So probably something like $50, $50 ish, mid $50s for a bottle of Patron or Don Julio? Is that kind of where it's at?

Nick Boban (03:56):
Uh, yeah. I think they're... I want to say like $48.

John Vieira (04:03):
They might be a little bit less because they're blancos.

Nick Boban (04:06):
Well, the blancos and reposados, I think on both brands are pretty similar. I think they're the same price actually, and then the anejos are more. One thing I wanted to touch on about reposados, anejos and Blancos... I didn't know this when I was learning. Literally to get from a Blanco to a Reposado, you're just dumping the Blanco into the barrel and aging it. I didn't know that when I started this whole quest.

John Vieira (04:33):
Right. Yeah. So it's not a different product.

Nick Boban (04:35):
Yeah. It's the same product. So everybody's core line of three are... They all started as a Blanco and it's just how long that Blanco has been aged.

John Vieira (04:43):
Right. So the same then goes for the anejo, right? It's dumped into a barrel and it's aged longer. So it's the same exact product in the core line, that is. It's just the matter of aging. So that's important to know, because if you like flavor characteristics about one specific tequila over another one, that means that their entire line you're going to prefer, essentially. Unless there's some kind of weird other factor at play. Okay. So this will be fun. So yes. The four that we have - Don Julio, patron, both Core line. Altos and 1800. Now the Altos and 1800 were right around the mid $20s to $30 price range. So probably like...

Nick Boban (05:22):
Yeah, they were both on sale today too, actually. So the 1800 was $20...

John Vieira (05:28):

Nick Boban (05:30):
The Altos was even cheaper, wasn't it?

John Vieira (05:32):
I think it was. I think it was like $2 cheaper or something. So we'll find out.

Nick Boban (05:37):
It's crazy. I'm so confused cause we looked at so many tequilas today.

John Vieira (05:41):
We were deciding what to do. So anyway, we're gonna run this exactly like we did for the vodka one, if you guys saw that or listened to that, I guess. If you haven't, you should go check it out. I know it's...

Nick Boban (05:53):
It explains all the rules about tequila.

John Vieira (05:57):
The thing that we're going to do though, is we mixed these up ahead of time. We poured them in, we labeled them and then we covered the labels with tape and we both mix them around while the other person was in the room. We have no idea what these are. And then we placed them in this order that they're in now, which we have no idea what order that is. And we just numbered them so that we can reflect on the number without knowing what the product is. So we're going to start with number one.

Nick Boban (06:22):
If you think we're crazy, I mean like...

John Vieira (06:25):
Can you see it? You probably can. Yeah.

Nick Boban (06:28):
I don't know. I was just try not to spill it out, but yeah. I don't know what it is.

John Vieira (06:33):
So let's see what we can do. So let's start with number one. We're going to smell it. We're going to look. We're going to look at it. We're going to taste it.

Nick Boban (06:44):
It smells like tequila.

John Vieira (06:45):
Okay. That's a good start.

Nick Boban (06:48):
Hmm. It's very, uh... It's very inviting in the nose. You can get that... You get that real, like you were talking about earlier, the vegetal. That like nice roast. The agave, gosh, almost roasted agave. That's what it smells like. I'm trying to think there's probably a better descriptor, but after tasting agave, then that's your descriptor. Anyways. Sweet, I would say, on the palate. Very mellow. Got a lot of grass. Almost a little brown sugary, caramelish.

John Vieira (07:46):
It is pretty sweet. Sweeter than I would have expected. I feel like I say this every time.

Nick Boban (07:50):
As we learned last time, you can have up to 1% of additives in your product without actually disclosing it. Not saying that this one does or doesn't.

John Vieira (08:01):
But you can.

Nick Boban (08:02):
But you can. And I'm sure I'm... Sorry. One of these, I'm sure, probably does have an additive to it.

John Vieira (08:12):
Don't worry. I'll beep it out.

Nick Boban (08:13):

John Vieira (08:14):
So pro tip, as well. Keep your finger on the tape. So that way you can't see through it when you lift to drink. I almost got myself. I'm pretty sure I couldn't see it well enough, but because...

Nick Boban (08:30):
Oh the light. I didn't even think about that.

John Vieira (08:31):
Keep your finger under it as we go. Okay. So that's pretty good.

Nick Boban (08:36):
I like that.

John Vieira (08:36):
Yeah. Let's see where we go from there.

Nick Boban (08:38):
I would drink... I don't know what this is yet, but I would drink number one straight.

John Vieira (08:43):
Yeah. I would. I feel like it would taste really good in a margarita because it has a lot of that nice... I feel like you can taste the agave, which sounds stupid to say. But I feel like you can taste the Agave more so on some other tequilas that I've had. That's actually really nice.

Nick Boban (08:59):
So number two here is actually I think even thicker. It's way more oily looking than number one. It's got really nice legs going to it. A little bit more alcohol on the nose. Quite a bit more, actually. I think I'm picking up on there. So I'm not getting a lot of that vegetal roast to it. Hmmm. Wildly different.

John Vieira (09:40):

Nick Boban (09:41):

John Vieira (09:41):

Nick Boban (09:41):
This one, I feel like is a little more one dimensional.

John Vieira (09:53):
Yeah. Definitely not as complex. It's pretty good.

Nick Boban (09:57):
It's still good. It's thicker. But it has an alcohol kind of after taste to it, almost.

John Vieira (10:04):
It does. It almost kind of drinks like a vodka.

Nick Boban (10:07):
Yeah, it does.

John Vieira (10:08):
Which is a weird thing to say. So it's a little bit less... It's either less sweet or it's because it has a little bit more of the alcohol kick to it.

Nick Boban (10:19):
Not as sweet. Yeah.

John Vieira (10:20):
Definitely different texture though. Different mouth feel.

Nick Boban (10:23):
Way different texture. It is thicker and a little bit more oily.

John Vieira (10:27):
Yeah. It has a... It actually is pretty pleasant. Yeah.

Nick Boban (10:30):
Mouth feel is great.

John Vieira (10:32):
Okay. Interesting.

Nick Boban (10:35):
Number one we said was sweet. I just gotta... I just gotta make myself some notes, so I don't forget. Okay. So then number three, let's see what we got here on this guy. Quite a bit more mellow on the nose. More like... Closer almost to like number one, I think.

John Vieira (11:03):
Do you mean in regards to the alcohol content?

Nick Boban (11:06):
Yeah I guess the alcohol content. I can smell more of the agave coming through.

John Vieira (11:10):
Cause I was gonna say, number one had a really nice nose on it. Just not necessarily super hot from the booze.

Nick Boban (11:16):
Number three, I think would be in the middle. I still think I like number one's nose better. Because there is a little bit, now that I'm getting into it a little bit more, this one looks a lot lighter on, on the viscosity wise. And I know that tequila guys always tell you that you've got to take one sip and spit it out. Or take a sip and then your second sip is where you'll actually get all the flavor. This one...

John Vieira (11:55):
I don't particularly like the nose on this one compared to the first two.

Nick Boban (12:00):
Taste it because it tastes funky. The palate's a little weird. It's almost like a char. Like a burnt caramel or burnt sugar of some kind. It's kinda what it tastes like.

John Vieira (12:13):
Yeah. I like the taste a lot more than the nose though. The nose, I, for some reason it's got something that I don't really like on there.

Nick Boban (12:20):
Like burnt sugar is not a bad thing. Like a creme brulee style burnt sugar.

John Vieira (12:25):
Yeah. It kinda does because it's got, it's got a similar sweetness to number one, but it has... A little bit, yeah. It's a complex sweetness and it does. Yeah. It almost kind of does taste like that.

Nick Boban (12:36):
I would bet you, whatever number three is, has a higher and longer roasting process than number one.

John Vieira (12:48):

Nick Boban (12:48):
For the Agave itself.

John Vieira (12:50):
So texture wise, a lot more similar to number one? It's kind of where we're at.

Nick Boban (12:55):
Yup. It's not very... Two is thick and oily almost and then the other two were very light liquids.

John Vieira (13:05):
Okay. And finally we have number four.

Nick Boban (13:13):
Four, I think is going to be the lightest one of them all. This has absolutely zero legs. It's already broken. Nose though is... A little bit more alcohol to it. Maybe. Yeah. More alcohol. trying really hard not to burn my nostrils. Sweet. Sweet again. A little bit of that... Little bit of that complex sugar like we got on number three.

John Vieira (14:05):
You know what it is about tequila or maybe just agave that I don't really love the smell of? It's not that it's bad. It reminds me of baby powder, like talcum powder, that soft sweetness. That's not... I don't know. That's also a weird thing for me to know what it smells like.

Nick Boban (14:24):
It is weird. I'm just gonna say, I'm not sure that I even know what that smells like.

John Vieira (14:26):
And I haven't... I mean, don't get me wrong. I haven't smelled in a while. It's what my brain thinks I remember it smelling like. Maybe that's part of it.

Nick Boban (14:35):
Okay. That's fair. Which that memory is actually what... Is where your tastes come from.

John Vieira (14:42):
Wow. Mega sweet.

Nick Boban (14:44):

John Vieira (14:44):
Holy mega sweet. This is by far the sweetest one, in my opinion. This is crazy sweet. This is like...

Nick Boban (14:50):
But it still gets a little bit of that, still has a slight complex Birch on the back of it, but nothing like number three.

John Vieira (14:58):
Wow. It's got, I don't even know if I like it. I don't know if it's a pleasant sweet. It almost, it tastes like when you think of additives. That screams additive to me cause this tastes like I took number one and added simple syrup and made like a tequila old fashioned with it. That's what that tastes like to me. It's incredibly sweet.

Nick Boban (15:20):
I can see that. Yeah. I can see that. All right. Let me give a one...

John Vieira (15:23):
Now, depending on what you're doing with it... Maybe it's just super abrasive because I tasted those other ones. That one just seems really, really sweet. Crazy.

Nick Boban (15:42):
Number one. Yup. Delicious.

John Vieira (15:44):
Yeah. Number one is good. I do like it. It's quite a bit more sweet.

Nick Boban (15:52):
Number four? Yeah, you're right.

John Vieira (15:54):
And then was two the least sweet? Is that what we decided?

Nick Boban (15:58):
Yeah, that one was the thick one.

John Vieira (16:00):
Between two or three.

Nick Boban (16:02):
Three was...

John Vieira (16:03):
Man, this one has such an interesting, like a grassy smell to it. This one, number two that I'm holding, if you're not watching this. Coming back to this one now for the first time since going through all of them. Very, very grassy.

Nick Boban (16:23):
Like a dried grass pile? Or like fresh cut?

John Vieira (16:29):
Fresh, wet grass.

Nick Boban (16:31):
Like hay? Like alfalfa style grass or like garden grass?

John Vieira (16:38):
No, like... Yeah, like garden Grass. So it smells...

Nick Boban (16:42):
Just out your front yard.

John Vieira (16:43):
It smells like I'm standing next to a little pond.

Nick Boban (16:47):
Okay. All right. Little algae even maybe?

John Vieira (16:52):
Yeah. Smell that one again and tell me you don't smell a little pond in there.

Nick Boban (16:57):
Yeah, I can get behind that. I got you.

John Vieira (16:59):
And then I actually really, I coming back to it. I do enjoy that flavor And the texture. I actually really enjoy the texture. There's a lot of things that I really like about number one as well, but they are very different from each other.

Nick Boban (17:17):
Yeah. I do think I will get you. I think number two, I think the texture is the best part of it.

John Vieira (17:22):
I think it's wonderful.

Nick Boban (17:23):
It has a good flavor too.

John Vieira (17:25):
Let's revisit number three here, because I feel like...

Nick Boban (17:28):
The burnt sugar one.

John Vieira (17:29):
Yeah, this one's not bad, but I feel like I'm very middle of the road on it.

Nick Boban (17:35):
Number two. I'm getting a lot more of that fresh cut vegetation.

John Vieira (17:37):
Yeah. It's really nice.

Nick Boban (17:41):
Slash a little bit of running water.

John Vieira (17:43):
So this one, as I remember now has a lot more of that smell that I don't super like.

Nick Boban (17:54):
I don't know that I particularly liked the nose on number three, but I liked the palate. It was pretty good.

John Vieira (18:00):
It's not bad. It's... You get those caramelized kind of sugars you're talking about, but it's kind of Woody. It's got...

Nick Boban (18:10):
I can see that. Yes.

John Vieira (18:11):
It's more...

Nick Boban (18:12):
Actually, revisiting the nose, I actually think I do really like the nose.

John Vieira (18:16):

Nick Boban (18:17):

John Vieira (18:17):
Yeah. I do NOT like that one. It's just that very specific smell that I'm not super into.

New Speaker (18:22):
It kind of smells like... Kind of smells like the yeast and the fermentation vat. That's what it smells like. So yeah. For anybody that doesn't know, like if you haven't smelled bread yeast before, there's so many different kinds of yeast out there and each one as essentially eating and pooping out the alcohol, it has a very different flavor. And a lot of these guys will actually ferment their batches in some kind of Oak trough or something. So you're talking about like wet wood and like yeast production. And that's what this smells like. I think that's that woody, nasty, grassy.

John Vieira (19:01):
Definitely something woody to it. So revisiting glass number one now. The scent coming back to it, it's not bad. It's got a lot.

Nick Boban (19:14):
I keep going back and forth. I think I like that number three quite a bit.

John Vieira (19:17):
You think you do? I'm very on the fence. I don't know if I like it.

Nick Boban (19:19):
Okay. I'm firmly. I'm firmly pegged for myself, that number four is my least favorite.

John Vieira (19:23):
I think so. I think four is my least favorite. It's just crazy, crazy, sweet. It's like almost too sweet.

Nick Boban (19:31):
It almost tastes fake. I hate to say that, but...

John Vieira (19:35):
Well yeah. We're not trying to say that any of these aren't good because everyone's palate is different too. So it's just like whiskey, right? Somebody might walk up and be like, this is my absolute favorite. If you say otherwise, I hate you. Not trying to do that.

Nick Boban (19:46):
It happens sometimes. It happens a lot with vodka actually, which is kind of funny. Cause we figured out that they're all almost the same. Okay. So now we're just trying to rank these three.

John Vieira (20:03):
One has some nice stuff, but it is very thin and coming from two and three, which two has the most body, but three has some of it. And I feel like coming from these, one seems a little bit thin. However, that totally depends on your preference and the application. So it's definitely not bad. I think it has a really good flavor, actually. The nose is okay. I think I like the nose best on number two. I'm gonna...

Nick Boban (20:38):
You're gonna write yours down. Yeah.

John Vieira (20:40):
I'm gonna write down what I think I like the best.

Nick Boban (20:42):
Okay. So for me it's kinda hard between one, two, and three to peg which one is going to go where, cause they're all good. They're all just different.

John Vieira (20:53):
They are different. We're experiencing a lot more variety than in the vodka episode, which is crazy because this is technically a lot more controlled. Okay. I think... Yeah. That's what I thought you were going to do.

Nick Boban (21:23):
I think I'm going to go that way. What did you do?

John Vieira (21:25):
So your flopped.

Nick Boban (21:27):
Flip flop. Okay.

John Vieira (21:28):
So I went kind of favorite to least favorite. I went glass number two, glass number one, glass number three, and then glass number four.

Nick Boban (21:38):
And I did number two, number three, number one, number four.

John Vieira (21:41):
So just that little flip in the middle there.

Nick Boban (21:43):
But that's the hard part is I think this flip-flop between one and three. I think that came between the difference of palate. I think more than it did anything else.

John Vieira (21:57):
I think that's all we're looking at here is just palate preference. We just happened to have probably a relatively similar palate because I don't think any of these are bad. I wouldn't drink any of these and be like, "Oh, this is terrible. I would never buy this."

Nick Boban (22:09):
Yeah. This number four. I don't know that I would drink on the rocks.

John Vieira (22:11):
Well, this one is just so sweet compared to the other ones.

Nick Boban (22:13):
Yeah. I would definitely use this one in a margarita.

John Vieira (22:16):
Yeah. Which might be awesome in there, but you'd have to...

Nick Boban (22:18):
You ready to see what they are?

John Vieira (22:20):
So number four.

Nick Boban (22:20):
Number four is 1800.

John Vieira (22:26):
is it? I kind of kind of thought it might be.

Nick Boban (22:30):
So yeah. Number four.

John Vieira (22:31):
I've never been a super huge fan of 1800.

Nick Boban (22:34):
Number four is 1800. Okay. Which is fine. Just fine. It was not the... Well it was the second to least expensive one.

John Vieira (22:45):
Yeah. I'm just, I'm curious to know how much like additive, especially sugar.

Nick Boban (22:52):
Oh, it was actually in there. Okay. So number one was Altos.

John Vieira (23:01):
Oh, okay.

Nick Boban (23:02):
Okay. Holding pretty close into the price category matrix thing.

John Vieira (23:09):
Yeah. Except for I had number one as my second pick. Oh I think Altos is number two.

Nick Boban (23:13):
Okay. Okay. That's fine. Yeah. That's no that's fair. And altos is a good product.

John Vieira (23:17):
So at essentially the same price point, we're actually even a little bit cheaper than this 1800. In my opinion, it blew its freaking socks off.

Nick Boban (23:25):
Blows it off? Yup. 100%. Okay. So then that's cool. Okay. Now number three is Don Julio.

John Vieira (23:37):
Oh shit. These blind taste tests blow my mind because I always end up picking as my favorite one, the one that I do not think I'm going to like that much and it's crazy how this happens.

Nick Boban (23:53):
So like I had a firm up nose turn to Patron's Core line because I thought I only liked their Roca.

John Vieira (24:02):
Which I haven't even tasted in a very long time. I should definitely explore that.

Nick Boban (24:06):
Which is even better than their core line.

John Vieira (24:09):
So my thing with Don Julio is I like so many of their products, but I can't remember really that much about their core line. Cause it's been a long time since I've had it, but I've had a lot of their other products that are sensational. And so I just have this thing with Don Julio in my mind where I'm just like, Oh, I really liked Don Julio. And so I think for me, I accidentally like almost discount Patron because I see them as, you know, rivals almost. Same price point and category. And so when I think "Oh yeah, I'm a Don Julio guy."

Nick Boban (24:41):
And Patron also has a heavier marketing presence, especially in the States than Don Julio does. And so usually my first thing is like with somebody that's got that much marketing behind them and that much money, I'm like, Nope, not that good.

John Vieira (24:54):
Right. It's all smoke and mirrors. Well, so this, this was crazy.

Nick Boban (24:58):
Because we picked Patron as our favorite and 1800 as our least, and then flip flopped the two in the middle.

John Vieira (25:04):
Exactly. But I expected to pick, not knowing of course I expected to pick Don Julio as my favorite one just based on what I thought that I knew. And it was technically. Altos beat it out.

Nick Boban (25:16):
Which is crazy. It's going to save you a lot of money when you go out now.

John Vieira (25:19):
Right. They were just different. I will say that I am also very happy that Patron wasn't my last pick or something because...

Nick Boban (25:28):
I was a little nervous doing this while we're trying to give away some of their products too.

John Vieira (25:31):
I was a little worried, but this is actually a really pleasant surprise. I thought it was going to fall in these middle two.

Nick Boban (25:36):
I thought it was too.

John Vieira (25:37):
I didn't think it was going to be last.

Nick Boban (25:38):
I was worried we were going to put Patron as like three. That's kind of where I thought was going to wind up.

John Vieira (25:43):
Like I said, I haven't tasted a lot of this stuff in a very long time. I am in no way shape or form a tequila aficionado. This was all just kind of for fun. By the way, I really recommend if you guys haven't done stuff like this, get a couple of friends together...

Nick Boban (25:58):
Dude, yeah this is fun.

John Vieira (26:00):
It'll it'll blow your mind. Now we're kind of fast tracking this for the sake of the podcast and not taking forever, but you could take a good hour doing this.

Nick Boban (26:09):
Easy. Sit around, drink each one, feel about it, write tasting notes about it, talk about them and then reveal it later.

John Vieira (26:17):
So, okay. I got to revisit this knowing that it's Patron now this.

Nick Boban (26:22):
Yeah. So this one I had... I had down as one dimensional, thick and grassy in comparison to number one that was sweet and vegetal, which was Altos.

John Vieira (26:38):
So, okay. When we say one dimensional, cause I agreed with you, we don't mean that necessarily in a bad way. Cause like when you say like, "Oh it's so one dimensional." What we meant, I think, is that when we tasted Altos, which was number one, it had a lot. There was a lot of like different smells and even flavors, once you got around to tasting it. There was kind of a lot of things floating around. This one was just very...

Nick Boban (27:06):
This one knows what it's about.

John Vieira (27:07):
Yeah, it was very specific in its flavor. So whether or not you like that flavor, I don't know. But it, by far had the best texture, the best mouth feel and the viscosity of it was just like way better than everything else, which is crazy once again, because I expected Don Julio to not only be my favorite one, but I expected those two to be like super similar as far as viscosity and mouthfeel. But I mean, this is honestly like pretty far ahead of it.

Nick Boban (27:41):
So Don Julio was three, so Don Julio was that burnt Brown sugar one that I thought. Which was way thinner. Yeah, no, it was good. They're all great. They're all great.

John Vieira (27:52):
None of them are bad.

Nick Boban (27:54):
I just, you know... We didn't want to bash on brands. I wouldn't personally buy 1800.

John Vieira (28:00):
And I haven't for a long time. So 1800, back when there was not nearly so many tequila options was...

Nick Boban (28:08):
Was pretty popular. It was very popular.

John Vieira (28:09):
Yeah, It was pretty big time because there just wasn't very much out there, but with what we have now, I mean like after tasting how sweet this one is, I'm almost 100% sure that there's extra stuff in there.

Nick Boban (28:24):

John Vieira (28:25):

Nick Boban (28:26):
Alright. Well.

John Vieira (28:26):
Wow. These blow my mind. We've got to do more of these, cause this is like... This is amazing for me. This is crazy. Okay. So we talked about this in the last episode. We just want to give you guys the details on the giveaway that we're doing. So, we're doing a giveaway. We teamed up with Patron to put together a home bar kind of kit and it's really cool stuff.

Nick Boban (28:52):
It's not a shaker, but it's even sexier.

John Vieira (28:55):
No, we weren't able to get a shaker, but it's way more expensive if you were going to go out and buy this. This is one of those nice glass, mixing glasses that we were talking about. So you'd use this for stirred cocktails, but they're expensive if you go to buy one. You can get shakers for cheap. But the cool thing about this set is everything is branded. So we've got that really sexy kind of silver finish on everything. And we've got that little patron bee logo on everything. So the strainer is a Hawthorne style strainer and it's got the big... The entire thing is the bee. The spoon has the bee on the end of it. Everything has the logo. It's super clean. We also threw like a t-shirt in here. We've got a bar key. We even actually have this little...

Nick Boban (29:45):
It's got a spoon too. Did you say that already?

John Vieira (29:46):
Yeah. We even actually threw in this piece that we already had, but it's a really cool silver platform to put the Patron core line on. So it's got a spot for all three of them, and it's lit from underneath.

Nick Boban (29:59):
For the bottles. Yeah.

John Vieira (30:00):
So you can put that on your home bar or a cabinet.

Nick Boban (30:03):
It looks so cool in your home bar.

John Vieira (30:04):
Yeah, it looks really great. So that's in there as well. We're kind of just, we just put this whole package together with the help of those guys and the reps, but essentially, if you are interested in winning this stuff, we're doing a giveaway. We're going to super try to get it to you for this next week, but depending on where you live, we're not sure. But essentially what we're doing for this is trying to spread the word about house made, but featuring it through Craft Lounge. So where can these guys find this stuff?

Nick Boban (30:34):
So head on over to Instagram and go look at our @craft.lounge page. You'd be able to find it through our website at We're going to post a link on there. Essentially what we want you guys to do is like our @housemadesyrup Instagram, like our @craft.lounge Instagram, and then follow this podcast and you'll be entered to win. And we will essentially DM you on Instagram to claim your prize. Yeah, it's totally free. We'll pay for shipping. If you're in the Boise area, come down to the bar and pick it up. Yeah. We're just happy you guys are hanging out. Make sure to comment and let us know what you like and dislike about content we're putting out there and what you want to hear about. Yeah. We're here for you. We wanna help educate and spread the word and just generally help you drink better.

John Vieira (31:32):
And have a little fun along the way.

Nick Boban (31:33):
Oh yeah. Always have fun.

John Vieira (31:34):
Drink some rum. Drink some tequila. Um, man. Yeah, I think that's all we got. I think we've got to get out there and get some tacos.

New Speaker (31:43):
Heck yeah, we do. All right. Cheers.